Trends of Data-driven Content. White PaperDr. Marcus Hochhaus (February 2016)

Image Source: © VDZ/Goldmedi/Zhu

The study “Trends of Data-driven Content“ analyses the various forms of data-driven creation and distribution of media content. It presents international best practices and highlights current trends. Closing in on different media segments, the study is able to show how data is already successfully used in music and TV production, to the benefit of users and producers alike.

Compiled by Goldmedia in cooperation with the VDZ Academy (Academy for the umbrella organisation of German Magazine Publishers), the VDZ White Paper helps companies to determine how to use data and technology profitably in their own operations, in order to enhance competitiveness.

Parts of the study

  • 39. VDZ Whitepaper. Trends of data-driven content

    66 PPT-Slides (as PDF)



    • Introduction
    • Data-driven Music
    • Data-driven TV-Content
    • Data-driven Journalism
    • Conclusion and Advice
    Publication Type: Short study
    Pages: 66
    ISBN: 3888979145
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