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    Best business consultants 2016 elected

    Brand eins Wissen, a leading German science magazine, and Statista, one of the world’s largest statistics portals, have for the third time chosen Germany’s best business…

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    Starting signal for the Goldmedia Thesis Award in Media Economics

    In 2016 for the first time, the consultancy and research group Goldmedia hands out the “Goldmedia Thesis Award in Media Economics”. Closing date is the 31st of August 2016.

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    Market report on zero-rating

    The market study, commissioned by the Bavarian media authority (BLM), analyses the market development of zero-rating mobile data services.

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    Hessian digitization strategy

    Hessen Economic Minister presented the new digitization strategy of Hessen. Goldmedia has supported the development of the new strategy.

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    Trends of data-driven content. Great opportunities for publishers

    Press release: Data-driven content is an important driver of growth and as such a great opportunity for publishing companies. This shows the new white paper of VDZ and Goldmedia.

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    Trends of data-driven content

    The study “Trends of Data-driven Content“ analyses the various forms of data-driven creation and distribution of media content. It presents international best practices and…

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    Study: Football Fan Monitor 2015/2016

    How do football fans keep up to date? Comprehensive survey to information and communication behaviors of football fans in Germany

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    Online video: Web-TV-Monitor 2015

    Most comprehensive study about the German online video market.

  • Goldmedia Trend Monitor 2016, © Goldmedia

    Goldmedia Trend Monitor 2016 published

    Trends and outlook. Developments of media, entertainment and telecommunications industries in Germany 2016

  • Football Fan Monitor 2015/16. What do fans want from sponsors?

    Half of all football fans want more benefits from the sponsors of their clubs in the form of discounts and special offers. The Football Fan Monitor 2015/2016 keeps you up to date.

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    Football Fan Monitor 2015/16. How do football fans keep up to date?

    How do football fans get informed and how do they communicate? The Goldmedia Football Fan Monitor 2015/16 provides interesting insights into the information and communication…

  • What ist Television today? A user survey

    New report: Not only the use of TV has changed, but also the definition of Television.

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    Web Radio Monitor 2015. Great variety of audio on the Internet

    The BLM and BVDW Webradiomonitor 2015 once again documents the great demand for audio services on the Internet. At the moment in Germany, there are nearly 10,000 providers offering…

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    Sports manager Wolfgang Holzhäuser becomes associate partner at Goldmedia

    Goldmedia appointed renowned sports manager and longtime managing director of German football team Leverkusen, Wolfgang Holzhäuser to join the Goldmedia team

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    Media Consumption in the Future. ANGA study compiled by Goldmedia

    What are the current trends in media consumption? In a new study for the Association of German Cable Operators (ANGA) Goldmedia has identified five key trends.

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