Are you looking for consultation services for mergers and acquisitions? In its M&A consulting, Goldmedia differentiates its service depending on which side of the divide the company stands: purchasing or selling. In both cases, the first step is a detailed prior analysis of the company's strategic situation and the goals of the people involved.

Buying Side

As an adviser to the buyer, Goldmedia first clearly defines the criteria for potential target companies, using an agreed-upon corporate strategy. These criteria are then used in a pre-selection process, where potential targets and their availability are ranked.

Selling Side

If a company or division is to be sold, Goldmedia supports the process with the aim achieving the highest possible sale price. The process of selling a company or division starts with setting the sale strategy.

It  is essential to consider the stipulated sub-conditions for the sale, for example, avoiding agreements and guarantees, if possible, as these could affect the purchase price. Goldmedia supports their clients in undertaking activities that could enhance the value of a company at an early stage, before the planned sale, and in preparing all the financial data, including budgets. This builds the foundation for advantageous corporate valuation by the potential seller.

Consulting Team