Goldmedia uses all forms and instruments from the classic and modern market research. We accompany you from the creation of a professional questionnaire through to computer-aided evaluation of the data. We know which method is right for each type of question, whether CATI, CAPI, auditorium test or focus group, from conjoint analysis through to eye-tracking, pupillometry or facial expression analysis. Goldmedia uses all instruments of empirical research.


We conduct surveys on behalf of our customers nationally and internationally, as well as in the B2C and B2B sectors. Our instruments include many popular and innovative survey methods: online surveys CAWI), price sensitivity research, conjoint analyses, MaxDiff scaling, video screening, video questionnaires, representative surveys or survey of specific target groups, diary studies.

Impact Assessment

"That which is measured improves." Measurement is the first step towards optimization. Without reliable data, forward development can be difficult - particularly in competitive markets. Goldmedia works with a variety of methods of media impact research. Especially in the field of behavioral data, Goldmedia uses unique and patented proprietary processes for media analysis. The focus here is the registration of eye movement (eye tracking), pupil movement (pupillometrics), and neuroscientific methods such as EEG or NIRS.


Ease-of-use is the key to success. Goldmedia tests the user friendliness of devices, websites and more. These tests employ several techniques - e.g. eye tracking, retrospective think aloud, and Goldmedia's patented Mental Workload Analyzer. We invite test subjects to a usability lab and observe their behavior with products.


With the newly-developed Mental Workload Analyzer and the Bio-Feedback Device, Goldmedia has at its disposal the latest, patented tools and techniques of neuromarketing for media analysis and measurement of advertising effectiveness. Moreover, Goldmedia has comprehensive expertise in measuring the brain's electrical activity (EEG) and in Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS). These tools facilitate a deeper understanding of mental information processing, the order of attention processes, and emotional media impacts.

Content Analysis

Goldmedia regularly conducts qualitative and quantitative content analyses. Trained coders using special software video, audio, or text detect and organize the contents of the relevant categories. The computer programs can be adapted to the situation and allow rapid data processing and analysis after coding. 

Conjoint Analysis

Goldmedia has for years used conjoint analysis as a mainstay of its repertoire of methods. Our team of experts is particularly specialized in the field of media markets and pricing. Whether it comes to optimizing marketing arguments, finding the perfect price for a product, or predicting market shares, market simulations based on conjoint analyses provide answers to questions that cannot easily be clarified by other methods. 

Test Studio - Studio Test

For usability tests, advertising effectiveness studies, TV guide research, and group discussions, Goldmedia has a well-equipped test studio in a prime location in Berlin. For tests in other cities and regions, Goldmedia works with experienced service providers.

Consulting Team