Types of Payment

Payment may be effected either:

  • as payment in advance
  • by credit card
  • by PayPal
  • on account

When opting for advance payment, we will provide you with our account details in the order confirmation. The invoice total is payable to our account within 10 days after receiving the order confirmation.

When paying by credit card via payment service provider Wirecard, the credit card will be charged when we accept your order.

When paying by PayPal: It is for you to settle the invoice total through PayPal via payment service provider Wirecard.

A purchase on account is only feasible for companies with an invoice and delivery address in Germany, subject to good credit standing.

The invoice will be sent to the address that you stated in the order.

The invoice total is payable immediately upon receipt of invoice, without any deduction.

Ts&Cs Goldmedia Online Shop

You have questions or special wishes with the payment? Please contact us: Order@Goldmedia.de

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