Streaming Media Monitor 2017 SwitzerlandKlaus Goldhammer, Christine Link, Mathias Birkel, Tim Prien (August 2017)

© Goldmedia 2017, BAKOM-Streaming Media Monitor 2017, Angebote im Schweizer Streaming Media-Markt

On behalf of the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM), Goldmedia conducted the Swiss study „Streaming Media Monitor“. The study is based on a standardized online survey among all Swiss online audio and online video providers.

Content of the study:

The study is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of the current situation of the online audio and online video market in Switzerland for the first time. It will offer key facts about the market quantity, usage or economic figures for example to providers, advertisers and other interested parties.

You can find the executive summary in:




Press release

  • Streaming Media Monitor 2017 Switzerland

    73 PPT slides as PDF

    Terms and conditions by provider
  • Streaming Media Monitor 2017 Switzerland Executive Summary

    3 ppt slides as pdf



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