Goldmedia continuously runs market analyses – they are a core component of our consultation work. We also offer a regular monitoring service on selected issues. This includes series of studies that have established themselves as standard publications, such as: Trendmonitor, Web TV Monitor, Web Radio Monitor, Mobile Monitor and Fan Monitor Sport. Also available are online products, ordered as subscitpions, like the VOD-Ratings.

Trends and Outlook: Trend Monitor

Which developments influence the media, entertainment and telecommunications industries in Germany in the future? Goldmedia publishes annual analyst commentary and trend hypotheses for the coming year in Germany. The Trend Monitor provides a view of select developments in the areas of media, telecommunication, entertain­ment, Internet and social media.  more

VOD Ratings

This is the first analysis tool to determine the number of viewers of paid VOD (Pay-VOD) in Germany. The database is continually updated. Basis of the VOD-Ratings: Comprehensive “Day After Recall” survey approach for measuring S-VOD usage in Germany. More

Web Radio Monitor

The Web Radio Monitor documents the great demand for audio services on the Internet. In Germany, there are nearly 10,000 providers offering audio content to specific target audiences. The study is a comprehensive market analysis on the topic of Internet Radio and Online Audio services in Germany, conducted by Goldmedia on behalf of the BLM (Bavarian regulatory authority for commercial broadcasting) and the BVDW (German Association of Digital Business). The basis of the study is a complete investigation by means of a survey of the web radio and online audio service providers in Germany. The first Report was published in 2009.

Fan Monitor Sports

How do sport fans get informed and how do they communicate? The Goldmedia Fan Monitor provides interesting insights into the information and communication behaviors of sports fans in Germany. More

Web TV Monitor

Internet TV is a growing market, with the number of providers and variety in services strongly increasing. To make the complex market structure more transparent, Goldmedia is developing the Web TV Monitor since 2010, commissioned by BLM, the Bavarian regulatory authority for commercial broadcasting ( The Web TV Monitor will provide a complex market overview of internet TV and YouTube channels in Germany, with information on prevalence and use, forms of advertisement, scope, and performance indicators. The study is based on comprehensive primary data research obtained via a survey of all internet TV providers in Germany. 

Channel Check pay TV Germany

Channel Check pay TV Germany is an online dashboard, which contains extensive information about all 80 pay TV stations in Germany. More

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