You are looking for a reliable partner to whom you can outsource your market research? Your own market researchers are working to capacity, or building your own unit is currently above budget? Perhaps you also want to call in external know how?

There are many reasons to bring external partners for market research on board. We take care of all parts of the market research puzzle: from the conception and planning, through all stages of implementation, to the evaluation and derivation of action points.

Goldmedia takes on external market research

If you are in constant need of market research data, but your company does not have its own market research department: Use our know-how in the area of market research, almost as an extended arm of your company. We work for you externally, but are as close to your topics as your own employees.

We at Goldmedia use all forms and instruments of classical and modern market research and support you:

  • from the creation of professional questionnaires,
  • through laboratory studies,
  • to computer-assisted evaluation of data.

We know which method is the right one for which question:

  • CATI,
  • CAPI,
  • auditorium test
  • or focus groups,
  • from conjoint analysis
  • through to eye-tracking,
  • pupillometry
  • or facial expression analysis.

Goldmedia expands your market research

If your own market research team is overloaded with work and you would like to outsource some parts, structures, or projects to focus on business objectives: We take over the rest and work hand in hand with your market researchers.

We help fast, assist your team, or guide:

  • To cover during peak times
  • In personnel shortages
  • For particularly complex projects
  • Through consulting in methodological questions
  • Etc.

Goldmedia accompanies your research unit

You need a partner who will advise you on the planning or the analysis of your own marketing research projects? Your company’s own market researchers want to exchange ideas, methods, and trends on a regular basis, or sharpen their view through input from the outside?

Whether through:

  • innovation workshops,
  • methodological evaluations,
  • or through the support of market research processes,

Goldmedia will act as your "sidekick".

Consulting Team