What are important developments in the media, entertainment and telecommunications industries in Germany in 2019?

Every year, the consulting firm Goldmedia publishes analyst commentaries and trend hypotheses for the coming year in Germany, looking at the media, telecommunications, entertain­ment and Internet sectors. You can find the analyst commentaries of Goldmedia's Trend Monitor 2019 as single articles (only in German ) in the Goldmedia Blog.

Trend Monitor 2019

Infograph Goldmedia Trend Monitor 2018, © Goldmedia/Franziska Veh

The Goldmedia Trend Monitor 2019 addresses disruption in the moving image market, the declining duopoly and new players in the online advertising sector, and the latests trends in the gaming industry such as gaming as a service and mobile shift. It asks whether audio is advancing to become the new leading medium, whether A-VoD can save the TV broadcasters and industry, and how the book industry is working to hang on to its readers. The Trend Monitor 2019 also takes a look at the expected changes in the streaming market, explains how algorithms are making inroads at the cinema box office, and highlights how nanos are becoming a trend in influencer marketing.

Complete Disruption: non-linear use is restructuring the moving image market

“It is high time that we stop thinking of streaming services as an appendage to the core business to date, and instead put them at the centre of future corporate strategy.” (Prof. Klaus Goldhammer)

Is audio becoming the new leading medium? Why marketers need a digital audio strategy

“Changing opportunities for use and new content formats continue to drive growth and dynamism in the audio sector. That means advertisers need to also start including strong audio strategies.” (Christine Link)

A declining duopoly: Amazon is looking to become a leader among global online advertising platforms

“People searching for products are shifting from Google to Amazon. Amazon will develop into one of the most important online advertising platforms.” (Prof. Klaus Goldhammer)

Movement in the streaming market: everybody against Netflix

“The next round in the fight for VoD customers will begin in 2019. TV providers and Deutsche Telekom are making huge investments in the development of their own platforms. Meanwhile there is competition from the USA in the form of Disney and Warner.” (Max Reichert)

Less is more: nanos are becoming a trend in influencer marketing

“Influencer marketing's biggest advantages – authenticity, more interaction with the target group, high content output and credibility – are particularly effective with nano influencers.” (Prof. Klaus Goldhammer)

A tight spot for television advertising. Can A-VoD save the TV broadcasters and industry?

“Increasing use of online video services is drawing considerable attention away from traditional advertising-financed offers, particularly television.” (Dr Florian Kerkau)

Games as a service: video games will shift more towards a subscription model in 2019

“People no longer just play through games once. Instead gaming services are increasingly retaining players over the long term, motivating them to conduct regular transactions and turning their games into media brands.” (Mathias Birkel)

Algorithms at the cinema box office: dynamic pricing is on the rise

“Box office prices were long fixed and based on experience, but cinema operators are increasingly benefiting from the advantages of dynamic pricing models.” (Kevin Dieterich)

Upheaval in the book market: young people don’t buy books any more

“In 2019, book publishers will have to make rigorous plans and consistent offers for the future to avoid losing an entire generation of readers.” (Prof. Klaus Goldhammer)

Key drivers of growth in the gaming market: mobile shift and multiplayer as a service

“Competitive multiplayer games are increasingly played on mobile platforms, and the major games developers are going to have to react to that trend.” (Tim Prien)

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