Webradio Monitor. Online Audio ServicesProf. Dr. Klaus Goldhammer, Christine Link, Mathias Birkel (September 2017)

The study is a comprehensive market analysis on the topic of Internet Radio and Online Audio services in Germany, conducted by Goldmedia on behalf of the BLM (Bavarian regulatory authority for commercial broadcasting), the BVDW - German Association of Digital Business and the German Association of Commercial Broadcasters and Audiovisual Services (VPRT). The basis of the study is a complete investigation by means of a survey of the web radio and online audio service providers in Germany.

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    • Methodology
    • Overview on online audio market in Germany
    • Usage of online audio services in Germany
    • Economical figures of the online audio market in Germany
    • Summary
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    Key Results

    • Great diversity: Almost 10,000 providers with audio content targeted at specific audiences in Germany
    • Positive outlook: High satisfaction with user numbers and rapid growth
    • High expectations for page hits: Tripling (+210%) between 2015 and 2017
    • Smartphones will soon leave PCs behind as the most important end device: Reversal of the balance of power by 2017
    • Advertising revenue forecast: +41 % (2015), +47% (2016)
    • A significant shift from online (stationary) to mobile (>50% share in 2017) is expected in advertising
    • Optimism: Convergence currency can bring new growth triggers - significantly heightened interest in coverage studies and for 73% "breaking point" for future marketing
    • Technical hurdles will be further reduced, but mobile data volume is a bottleneck for 81% Smartphone, In-Car-Entertainment and Audio-Home-Systems open up new target audiences and touchpoints
    • Interaction (Social Radio/Audio) is becoming increasingly important: Facebook is the standard, other platforms (WhatsApp, etc.) are catching up
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    • Anzahl der Webradios: 3.100 Webradios aktuell in Deutschland, jährliches Wachstum seit 2006 um durchschnittlich 47 Prozent   
    • Webradionutzung: Durchschnittliche Anzahl der Webradio-Abrufe pro Tag gegenüber 2010 um 14 Prozent gestiegen   
    • Wachstumsmotoren: Zugriffszahlen über Handy, Social Media-Plattformen und Aggregatoren steigen   
    • Perspektiven: Webradios von morgen sind zunehmend personalisiert, sozial, lokal, mobil und interaktiv
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