Podcast Monitor 2017Prof. Dr. Klaus Goldhammer, Christine Link, Mathias Birkel (June 2018)

Reasons for using podcasts, © Goldmedia 2017

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular - also because they can be used in many situations in which video, print and other media do not work. And: The podcast scene is becoming more professional.

Usage: As part of a user survey on Webradiomonitor 2017, online audio listeners were asked about their use of podcasts. 17 percent of surveyed users said they use podcasts at least occasionally.

Formats and situations of usage: Entertaining formats such as comedy, audio drama or information topics are the most interesting. Another advantag is: Podcasts can also be used offline - 53 percent of the surveyed users have highlighted that.

About the study: The study is a comprehensive market analysis on the topic of Internet Radio and Online Audio services in Germany, conducted by Goldmedia on behalf of the BLM (Bavarian regulatory authority for commercial broadcasting), the BVDW - German Association of Digital Business and the German Association of Commercial Broadcasters and Audiovisual Services (VPRT). The basis of the study is a complete investigation by means of a survey of the web radio and online audio service providers in Germany. More information

  • Study Podcast Monitor 2017

    20 PPT slides as PDF


    • Methodology and survey design
    • User survey: number, content and formats, situations, number of subscriptions, platforms, reasons of usage
    • Supplier survey: assessment of usage, forecasts, interest of advertisers


    Excerpt from the Webradio Monitor 2017.

    Pages: 20


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