Pay-VOD Monitor Germany 2016Florian Kerkau, Moritz Matejka, Max Reichert (October 2016)

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Video on demand is a market with high potential. Most users of paid VOD services (pay-VOD) are under 40 and among higher income groups. Binge watching is typical: If users access a VOD service, 81 percent spend more than one hour on their portal, 10 percent even more than three hours. The most popular genres are crime and thriller, followed by action and comedy. Netflix has the youngest users, Amazon the oldest. Most users (40%) mainly access the services through their websites while 23% use a smartphone or tablet app.

The study analyzes the user structure of paid VOD services in Germany. The basis is a representative survey of Internet users aged 14 and older in Germany (March, April 2016).

  • Study Pay-VOD Monitor Germany 2016

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    Content of the study

    1. Executive summary
    2. Report methodology & definitions, sample of the survey
    3. Analyses of pay VOD usage in general
    4. Usage analyses of the top pay-VOD servicesin Germany
    5. Data sheets of the top pay-VOD services


    Datas and figures:

    • Socio-demographic data
    • Special evaluations of the top pay-VOD services in Germany: Amazon, Netflix, Sky and maxdome
    • Evaluation of the most frequently used pay-VOD providers (based on pay-VOD users)
    • Users structure: Age classes, gender aspects, household income, family status, children in the household
    • Usage: Use by app or website, frequency of use, duration of use per day, parallel usage of different VOD services
    • Content: Most popular formats and genres
    Pages: 42


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