Music Streaming in Germany. Revenue Situation in the German Music Streaming Market 2022Goldmedia GmbH (September 2022)

Music streaming is booming and dominates the music market today. But who earns from streaming and how much ultimately reaches the music creators? A study commissioned by GEMA and conducted by the Goldmedia consulting and research group has for the first time comprehensively investigated these and other questions for the German music streaming market. The study is based on current market data, interviews with experts and an online survey of GEMA members. It offers a hitherto unique factual basis for developments and challenges on the German market. 

Key Facts der Studie

Press information, 05.09.2022

Methodology of the study

Goldmedia has conducted an extensive desk research on the situation of the German and the international music streaming market. Based on the analysis and the opinions provided by experts, remuneration calculations were carried out regarding the German market. An essential part of the study were numerous expert interviews with artists as well as associations, composers, lyricists, music publishers, labels, distributors and streaming services. Beyond that, an online survey among GEMA members was held between 24 May 2022 and 23 June 2022 with n=4,278 GEMA members participating. 

  • Study Music Streaming Streaming in Germany 2022

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