Gigabit connections in Europe: Germany's rise to No. 1Goldmedia (July 2020)

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By 2022 almost 37 million households with Gigabit-capable connections will lead Germany from 6th to 1st place in the EU comparison shows a new study on behalf of the Vodafone Institute.

Two years form now Germany will have the highest number of households with access to Internet speeds of at least one gigabit per second across the EU.

This is the result of the study “Gigabit connections in Europe: Germany’s rise to No. 1” by Goldmedia on behalf of the Vodafone Institute. According to calculations, Germany will take the top position in Europe with 36.9 million gigabit households, followed by Great Britain (25.7 million), France (24.5 million) and Spain (17.8 million).



Study for Vodafone Institut

  • Study Gigabit connections in Europe

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