German Film and Television Production Sector 2018Prof. Dr. Klaus Goldhammer, Prof. Dr. Oliver Castendyk (December 2018)

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The study on the German film and television production industry provides an overview of the current economic situation of German producers and also highlights the consequences of the current shift from linear to non-linear media consumption for the German audiovisual production industry. 

The project, “Produzentenstudie 2018”, was conducted by the Hamburg Media School in cooperation with Goldmedia and was funded by the German Federal Film Board (Filmförderungsanstalt (FFA) together with a majority of the regional film funds.

  • Publication Produzentenstudie 2018

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    Download via Hamburg Media School

    184 pages, tables and charts

    Pages: 184
  • Summary Produzentenstudie 2012

    14 pages

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    Download via website Produzentenallianz

    The summary of the Produzentenstudie is based on an essay that was published in the Funkkorrespondenz 50/2012, in which its authors had summarised the key findings of the Survey.


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