Consulting for the European Commission: interactive content and convergence

In 2006, the European Commission (EC), Directorate General Information Society and Media, Unit C1, commissioned a study called "Interactive Content and Convergence: Implications for the Information Society." The EC selected a consortium composed of three media consulting companies, Screen Digest, Goldmedia and Rightscom, and one media and copyright law firm (CMS Hasche Sigle) to conduct the study.

The study aimed to identify and assess potential economic, technical and legal roadblocks that may hinder the exploitation of digital content (television programmes, radio, music, movies, games, publishing) across new distribution platforms and technologies. The study was also designed to provide data and economic forecasts of the different markets for digital content.

This nine-month-long consultancy project involved many of Goldmedia's specialist areas, engaging a number of analysts. After extensive research, analysts identified 36 roadblocks to developing online content and assessed how they will impact markets between the present and 2010.

The study will be influential to the Commission's proposals concerning "Content Online in Europe's Single Market", which are set to be presented in the second half of 2007.