Goldmedia employs several techniques for usability tests - e.g. eye tracking, retrospective think aloud, and Goldmedia's patented Mental Workload Analyzer.

The tests are usually carried out in the usability laboratories of Goldmedia or partners around Germany.

Why Usability Research?

Ease-of-use is the key to success. Goldmedia tests your products, websites and software/apps both for usability and for "joy of use".

Usability Test with Eye Tracking and RTA

Test subjects utilize devices and software in the usability laboratory. As they do so, they are observed and evaluated. Their eye movements are recorded with, for example, an eye-tracking camera. This is followed by presenting the test subjects with the recording of their eye movements and actions so that they can comment on it themselves. This quickly makes it clear where a product "hooks" the user, but it also shows why.

Mental Workload Analyzer

With the newly-developed Mental Workload Analyzer and the Bio-Feedback Device, Goldmedia has the latest tools and techniques of usability research at its disposal. These tools facilitate a deeper understanding of mental information processing, the order of attention processes, and emotional media impacts.

Onsite Surveys

The users of Internet services are asked directly about your particular Internet service. This generates valuable insights into what the users want from you, where they come from and what barriers stand in their way. Often, small adjustments are enough, for example, to achieve a significantly better conversion rate of visitors to buyers.

Expert Assessments on Usability

In a standardized procedure (Cognitive Walkthrough), experts evaluate your product or service, showing you where the largest problems lie.

Card Sorting

The information architecture of software and Internet services is very complex. Card Sorting can show what test subjects understand when reading the section titles, and in what contexts they intuitively derive them. This allows menu structures to be developed and optimized in order to relieve customers of the burden of hunting down relevant information.

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