Online questionnaires in particular have established themselves as an important market research tool. Goldmedia conducts a large number of Internet-based questionnaires (also known as CAWI) every year.

We conduct surveys on behalf of our customers nationally and internationally, as well as in the B2C and B2B sectors. Our instruments include various survey methods so that we can always match the perfect tool to each case. 

Online Representative Surveys

The survey participants are specially selected to ensure that their distribution is representative of the population of any country or region.

Surveys of Specific Target Groups

If it is necessary to survey a specific target group (such as pay TV viewers or smartphone users), we start with upstream screening. This filters out the participants who do not meet the requirements. This means that specific target groups can be surveyed efficiently. In addition, it allows us to determine the total size of the group.

B2B Surveys

On behalf of our clients, we conduct surveys of specific business groups (Business to Business). The recruitment of the target individuals occurs through free, panel-based approach or customer lists. We regularly achieve excellent response rates. 

The Procedure of Online Surveys

From the coordination of the questionnaire and the programming, the process of data collection, the subsequent data cleansing, the complex data analysis to the final report: We plan all stages in advance, in close consultation with our customers.

  • Coordination of the Questionnaire and the Framework Data (number of cases, etc.) with the Customer
  • Data collection: The questionnaire runs on Goldmedia servers. Here, the data are secure. In a secure area (Goldmedia Reporting Tool), clients are able to view the initial results live.
  • Data cleansing: In order to remove distortions such as "clicking through" or "pattern clicking", we carry out thorough data cleansing. (e.g. entries completed in an unrealistically short amount of time are deleted)
  • Data analysis: Our data analysis process uses self-developed tools alongside the standard software. This guarantees that our clients gain the maximum knowledge possible.
  • Reporting: The final report, which usually comes as a PowerPoint presentation, converts the results into recommendations that can really take you forward. This is where our core competencies (expertise in empirical methods, media markets as "Field of Expertise", and extensive econometric skills) can be of real benefit to our clients. From data collection to a complex market model: all from one source!

Advantages of Online Surveys

Online surveys have various advantages over telephone surveys: multimediality, speed, and variety of methods. 

  • Multimediality: It is easy to integrate images, videos, and audio files in the online survey.
  • Speed: The fieldwork involved in online surveys usually takes only a few days. Telephone surveys in contrast need a significantly longer time "in the field".
  • Variety of methods: Advanced research methods such as conjoint analysis or MaxDiff scaling are very well suited to the Internet.

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