How highly are your media campaigns regarded? Will the message be understood? Knowledge that comes across. It is worth reaching decisions in advance and optimizing communication before large sums of money flow into media services.

Or: is a new TV format working? What adjustments can be made before the launch and the first program? Goldmedia provides you with the best methods to learn the answers to your questions.

Measuring Media Impact

Will a new TV series or program format be a hit or a flop? What are the strengths and the weaknesses? What parameters can be optimized to increase the chances of success?

Goldmedia's Mental Workload Analyzer enables us to objectively evaluate the potential of pilot programs for various target audiences. Combining qualitative methods with our forecasting tools (online video screening), you will receive valuable recommendations that will help to tangibly improve your program's performance.

Measuring Advertising Impact

Whether TV commercial, print ad, online ad campaign or poster – advertising costs money. Goldmedia makes sure that your investments pay off. Goldmedia has a wealth of experience in using the right methods.

Impact Research Methods

Using eye tracking, surveys, our patented Mental Workload Analyzer and other neuromarketing methods, Goldmedia shows you whether your message is coming across, and how to further optimize the impact of your advertising.  

  • With the Mental Workload Analyzer, the activation potential of advertising is measurable - and therefore, it can be compared.
  • Eye tracking: How is the advertising perceived? What draws attention? Is the core content seen? Eye movement measurement will show you. 
  • Copy Test and Interview: Can the test subjects remember the commercial or the ad? Purely subjectively, how much did they enjoy the advertising? These questions can be answered with surveys. 

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