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  • © John Schnobrich Unsplash.com

    Television piracy report 2018 August 2018

    In a report for VAUNET - Association of Private Media, Goldmedia has investigated the damage caused by television piracy. The use of illegal live TV signals is a mass phenomenon, it massively endangers the media and opinion diversity in Germany.
  • © StockPhotoPro_fotolia.com

    Pay-VOD in Germany - Forecast 2018-2023 June 2018

    In a study, Goldmedia examined how the Pay-VOD market in Germany will develop by 2023. Which providers are in the market, which business models exist, what are their sales potentials.
  • © daviles_fotolia.com

    VoD-Ratings Quarterly OTT-Reports April 2018

    The VOD Quarterly Reports are a retrospective market and audience analysis of Pay VOD offers in Germany. The database is based on the Goldmedia VoD ratings.
  • Infografik Goldmedia Trendmonitor 2018, © Goldmedia/Franziska Veh

    Goldmedia Trend Monitor December 2017

    Trends and outlook. Developments of media, entertainment and telecommunications industries in Germany
  • Economic situation of German broadcast December 2017

    The report gives the best overview of the latest developments of radio and TV in Germany. It is now the standard reference work for the industry.
  • © kentoh_fotolia.com/Goldmedia

    VOD Ratings November 2017

    Audience rating for paid VOD. Comprehensive “Day After Recall” survey approach for measuring S-VOD usage in Germany.
  • © Kirill_Kedrinski_fotolia.com_Goldmedia

    Web-TV-Monitor November 2017

    The study’s examination of the growth and use of online TV in Germany is based on a survey of primary data research on all German online-TV Providers. The study also include German YouTube channels as well as the TOP 550 German Facebook channels.
  • © stokkete_fotolia.com

    Streaming Media Monitor 2017 Switzerland August 2017

    The study is based on a standardized online survey among all Swiss online audio and online video providers. On behalf of the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM).
  • © Spencer Starnes/Eeyeem

    The motion picture industry in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein 2017 July 2017

    Location study HH/SH: Primary data collection via online survey of 1,354 motion picture companies in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein from the areas of Film, VR/AR, Animation and Games.
  • © Fotolia_M_stnazkul

    Multichannel Home Shopping in Europe June 2017

    The industry report covers the home shopping business in ten European countries. Operators, market structure, revenues, future trends, forecasts till 2022. Included, a survey among home shopping users all over Europe.
  • Channel Check pay TV Germany November 2016

    Online dashboard with extensive information about all 80 pay TV stations in Germany: channel profiles, user and expert reviews, web impact, content, bundles etc.
  • Bildquelle: © daviles_fotolia.com

    Pay-VOD Monitor Germany 2016 October 2016

    Study on users and usage of paid video-on-demand services in Germany. Special evaluations on TOP services of Amazonn, Netflix, maxdome, Sky etc
  • image source: © Geber86_istockphoto.com

    TOP OTT Services in Europe July 2016

    The study contains in depth analyses on the main video OTT services in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, GB plus Scandinavia.
  • Trends im Data-driven Content
    © VDZ/Goldmedi/Zhu Difeng_Fotolia.com

    Trends of Data-driven Content. White Paper February 2016

    The study “Trends of Data-driven Content“ analyses the various forms of data-driven creation and distribution of media content.
  • Image source: Gerber86_istockphoto.com

    Series in TV and online: Not a single day without a series August 2015

    Study of the popularity of TV and online series. Series are an integral part of viewers’ everyday life. Three-quarters of Germans watch at least one series on a regular basis, either on TV or online.
  • Image source: Maksim Kostenko_fotolia.com

    FFA evaluation report on the development of the movie market July 2015

    Comprehensive evaluation report on the development of the movie market was created by the FFA in accordance with § 75 para. 1 of the Film Promotion Act (FFG - German: "Filmförderungsgesetz").
  • Study cover

    LfM study: Social TV and Second Screen March 2015

    Social TV – current use patterns, prospects, consequences. Social TV channels offer the possibility to exchange opinions, search for and spread information, but also to get orientation and contact with other users. Study for the Media Authority of North Rhine-Westphalia (LfM)
  • Bildquelle: Minerva_Studio_fotolia.com

    Study Video-on-Demand Forecast 2019 February 2014

    In an extensive study, Goldmedia examined how the VOD market in Germany will develop by 2019. Which providers are in the market, which business models exist and what are their sales potentials?
  • Bildquelle: diego_cervo_iStockphoto.com

    The Future of TV Shopping March 2013

    Key trends and market forecasts for TV Shopping to 2017 in the European key markets France, Germany, Italy and the UK. The study was conducted by Goldmedia in collaboration with the European Association Retailing – ERA.
  • Bildquelle: diego_cervo_iStockphoto.com

    The future of TV Shopping in Germany. Market - User - Trends November 2011

    The study was conducted by Goldmedia on behalf of QVC Germany to mark the 15th anniversary ov the company. The report gives an overview on market trends of TV Shopping in Germany, especially on digital and interactive trends.
  • © kutay-tanir_istockphoto.com

    3D Home Entertainment in Germany November 2010

    The study, entitled “3D Home Entertainment in Germany”, depicts the status of 3D development in the field of home entertainment and forecasts developments of 3D TV up to 2015. The study includes an exclusive user survey on the popularity of 3D television.
  • © Profit_image_fotolia.com

    EPG's in Europe 2014 November 2009

    EPGs and TV Middleware Applications: Market Assessment and Forecasts to 2014. The report comprehensively analyses the market and competitive situation for EPGs in Western Europe.
  • © Xavier_Arnau_iStockphoto.com

    Report IPTV 2014 Business Models May 2009

    IPTV 2014 analyses the development of IPTV in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The report discusses the business models and strategies adopted by IPTV platforms across the GSA-region (Germany, Switzerland and Austria)
  • © Anton_Vakhlachev_fotolia.com

    Digital Switch Over in Europe April 2008

    The report Digital switch over in Europe: Status quo and outlook, published by EMCA (European Media Consulting Association) in April 2008, contains detailed appraisals of the state of the European Switch Over process.
  • Bildquelle: iceteastock_Fotolia.com

    eCommerceTV February 2008

    Market potential for the integration of videos on online trading platforms.
  • Ausschnitt Cover © VISTAS

    Call Media in Europe July 2007

    This study examines the link between media content (on radio and TV programmes) and interactive premium phone services. It is a comprehensive research project to address the broadcasting market segment “Call Media” in detail in different European countries.
  • © Xavier_Arnau_iStockphoto.com

    IPTV 2012. Market potential for IPTV in Germany May 2007

    "IPTV 2012"analyses the development of IPTV in Germany. The analysis is supported by historic and forecast data covering IPTV penetration, subscribers and market share in Germany as well as detailed information on legal and regulatory aspects, technical implementation and IPTV content.