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  • Infografik Goldmedia Trendmonitor 2018, © Goldmedia/Franziska Veh

    Goldmedia Trend Monitor December 2017

    Trends and outlook. Developments of media, entertainment and telecommunications industries in Germany
  • © BigDreamStudio_Fotolia.com

    Zero-rating April 2016

    The market study, commissioned by the Bavarian media authority (BLM), analyses the market development of zero-rating mobile data Services. The study draws a comparison between the market situation in the US and the status quo in the German mobile market.
  • © digitalstock_fotolia.com

    Net Neutrality: Questions and Answers June 2011

    On behalf of the Association of Telecommunications and Value-Added Service Providers (VATM) Goldmedia provided in the study "Questions and Answers on Net Neutrality" relevant background information and analyses supporting the VATM’s nine theses on net neutrality.
  • © Profit_image_fotolia.com

    EPG's in Europe 2014 November 2009

    EPGs and TV Middleware Applications: Market Assessment and Forecasts to 2014. The report comprehensively analyses the market and competitive situation for EPGs in Western Europe.
  • © Xavier_Arnau_iStockphoto.com

    Report IPTV 2014 Business Models May 2009

    IPTV 2014 analyses the development of IPTV in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The report discusses the business models and strategies adopted by IPTV platforms across the GSA-region (Germany, Switzerland and Austria)
  • © Anton_Vakhlachev_fotolia.com

    Digital Switch Over in Europe April 2008

    The report Digital switch over in Europe: Status quo and outlook, published by EMCA (European Media Consulting Association) in April 2008, contains detailed appraisals of the state of the European Switch Over process.
  • © Xavier_Arnau_iStockphoto.com

    IPTV 2012. Market potential for IPTV in Germany May 2007

    "IPTV 2012"analyses the development of IPTV in Germany. The analysis is supported by historic and forecast data covering IPTV penetration, subscribers and market share in Germany as well as detailed information on legal and regulatory aspects, technical implementation and IPTV content.
  • Image source: Maksum_Kostenko_fotolia.com

    Mobile Monitor

    Study on smartphone and tablet use in Germany. It contains detailed analyses regarding the use of smartphones and tablet PCs (devices, operating systems and mobile telephone service providers).