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  • Infografik Goldmedia Trendmonitor 2018, © Goldmedia/Franziska Veh

    Goldmedia Trend Monitor December 2017

    Trends and outlook. Developments of media, entertainment and telecommunications industries in Germany
  • © Chris Whitehead_DigitalVision_Getty Images

    Goldmedia Fan Monitor 2017 February 2017

    Comprehensive analysis of sport fans in Germany. The study identifies their information and fan behavior, shows the impact of commercialisation and digitalisation in sports and the popularity of 21 sport disciplines as well as e-sports.
  • © gianlucabartoli_fotolia.com

    Salary study: Sport Business 2017 December 2016

    The salary study collects the average salaries and compensations of managers from all area of the sports business (athletes excluded). This study offers orientation for managers and companies in the area of salaries in the sports business.
  • Bildquelle: fpm_fotolia.com

    Betting and Gambling in Germany 2016 July 2016

    Goldmedia's study "Betting and Gambling in Germany 2016" provides an overview of the German gambling markets in 2015 and forcasts the developments in 2016.
  • Image source: Vitaly_Krivosheev_fotolia.com

    Football Fan Monitor 2015/2016 January 2016

    The study investigates the channels that football fans use to get informed, along with how they communicate and, above all, what they communicate about.
  • Bildquelle: © fpm_fotolia.com

    Betting and Gambling in Germany 2017 October 2013

    The study contains market trend forecasts of sports betting, online casino and online poker games in Germany until 2017.