Multichannel Home Shopping in EuropeMathias Birkel, Klaus Goldhammer (June 2017)

Home shopping is a market with stable growth throughout Europe. Providers of live TV shopping, direct response TV (DRTV) and auction TV have responded well to the challenges of digitisation and developed into modern multichannel providers.

While selling products on TV used to be the core business of home shopping over years, the Internet has become an increasingly important sales channel. Today, 23 percent of home shopping customers have been enticed by social media when they buy products.

New technologies such as smart devices and virtual reality are expected to influence the market in the future. 78 percent of home shopping users are interested in product presentation supported by VR technology.

  • Study: The Multichannel Home Shopping Industry in Europe

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    Key results

    • Home shopping revenues in Europe are forecast to grow by 34 percent from 4.8 Bn. Euros in 2016 to 6.4 Bn. Euros in 2022. This forecast includes revenue figures for the ten countries examined. This corresponds to a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.9 per cent.
    • The biggest home shopping markets such as the UK and Germany still show notable growth rates on a high level of around two to four per cent per year, while evolving markets like Russia are expected to show double digit growth rates over the next years.
    • Average home shopping sales per inhabitant in 2016 stood at 9.2 Euros with Germany being the leading country with about 23.4 Euros per capita, followed by the UK.
    • Altogether about 15,000 people were employed in the home shopping business in the main European countries at the end of 2016, including also indirect employees such as call centre staff.
    • Operators and Channels: From TV shopping to multichannel home shopping
    • Usage: Social media is becoming increasingly important for product purchases
    • Trends: Home shopping users are open for new technological trends, among them Virtual Reality
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