3D Home Entertainment in GermanyGoldmedia GmbH (November 2010)

In the coming years, Germany will see a breakthrough for 3D televisions. Every fifth household should have a 3D television by 2015. That will be about 8 million 3D televisions in German households. Goldmedia’s study, entitled “3D Home Entertainment in Germany”, depicts the status of 3D development in the field of home entertainment and forecasts developments of 3D TV up to 2015. The study includes an exclusive user survey on the popularity of 3D television.

  • Study 3D Home Entertainment in Germany

    40 PPT charts as PDF


    7 assertions about the development of 3D home entertainment in Germany

    • 3D technology isn’t a guarantee for market success, but the prerequisite
    • 3D TV screens are the next, logical, “evolutionary step”
    • Success of 3D movies and marketing activities raise high expectations
    • Games are (once again) the content innovators
    • Regular broadcast of 3D TV belongs to the distant future. Significant start-up costs
    • 3D TV requires viewers full attention, 3D is mainly “event television”
    • 3D will become a success on small, mobile screens
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