Trends and outlook 2016

What are important developments in the media, entertainment and telecommunications industries in Germany in 2016?

Every year, the consulting firm Goldmedia publishes analyst commentaries and trend hypotheses for the coming year in Germany, looking at the media, telecommunications, entertain­ment and Internet sectors.

Trends and outlook 2017 in preparation

Infografik Goldmedia Trendmonitor 2016, © Goldmedia

The Gold Media Trend Monitor 2016 with the following topics:

  • Digital bloat : Information overload has us firmly in its grasp
  • "Back to live": Live videos on the Internet will boom in 2016
  • The last bastion of traditional radio is falling: In-car entertainment is changing media consumption
  • Virtual Reality is here: Why VR goggles are now (finally) becoming socially acceptable
  • Fan Data Strategy: Leagues, professional clubs and sports marketers are monetizing their digital scope ever more effectively
  • Ultra High-Definition Television: UHD-TVs deliver brilliant pictures to feed Video-on-Demand services
  • Competition has opened for the home network: Content providers may be about to unleash the best Wireless LAN the world has ever seen
  • Television is the new television: How new viewers are reinventing it for themselves
  • Why Amazon is making a steady trade in print books: The digital offensive is taking different directions in shops
  • Robots as the new journalists and  gatekeepers? Data-driven content production is in fashion
  • OK Siri! - Digital assistants will be able to take on more and more tasks and will usher in the post-app era
  • The uncertainty principle in TV coverage research: Socio-demographic depth of data vs. a wider picture of general usage

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