Trend Monitor 2012

What does 2012 hold in store for Germany’s media, telecom, and entertainment industries?

Berlin, December 14, 2011. Every year, strategy consultant Goldmedia publishes its analysts’ commentary on and assessments of important trends for the coming year in Germany.

Trend Monitor 2012 provides the outlook for select developments in the areas of media, telecom, entertainment and Internet.

Topics and theses in Goldmedia Trend Monitor 2012

Entertainment and hardware

  • Smartphones are increasingly used to remotely manage everyday life; LTE technology will give phones’ use as central controllers an extra boost
  • E-Readers will gain critical traction; well-founded hope for the book and magazine industries
  • Downloading will surpass CDs as a sound storage method; 2012 will herald the end of the CD


  • Smart TV is in the starting blocks; operators and business models wanted 
  • Mobile video use is gaining a mass market; multiscreen will find its way into the TV market
  • Ad budgets will shift further toward online expenditures; the “holy” TV budgets will get smaller
  • The influence of social TV will increase; social media will become important determinants for TV programming strategies

Internet and Social media

  • Social media's role in business will grow; companies will increasingly use “social intelligence” to their advantage
  • Personal media will take off; mobile apps with personalized services are becoming a competitive advantage


  • Expansion of fiber-optic infrastructure is stagnating; high speed connections are taking their time
  • Cloud services will reach the end customer market; demand for network access will rise
  • Bluetooth was yesterday; NFC (Near field communication) is taking near-field communication to a new level
  • More than just bit pipes: network operators’ new OTT strategies

Complete Trend Monitor 2012

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