T-Commerce: Growth exceeding expectations

In their latest study “T-Commerce 2008”, the Berlin media consultancy Goldmedia projects that by the year 2008, 4.7 billion Euro will be generated on the German television market through transaction-based services.

Berlin, September 1st 2003 – After the collapse of the German advertising market in 2001, more and more TV broadcasters are counting on transaction based services as an additional source of refinancing. In 2002 alone, additional revenues of more than 2 bill. Euro were generated through T-Commerce. In their latest study on the topic, Berlin media consultancy GoldMedia GmbH, Media Consulting & Research (www.GoldMedia.de) forecasts a market potential of 4.7 bill. Euro by 2008. T-Commerce is developing faster and stronger than expected to a substantial revenue factor for the German TV market. The term T-Commerce combines all revenues which are generated through the TV set as a transaction and marketing channel. This includes the following segments:...


The whole press release can be downloaded.