Mobile Life 2012

Berlin, October 21st, 2008. Mobile Internet: Data services are the main driver.

In the next few years, more and more people will have access to ultra-fast Internet on their handsets via UMTS (3G). 3G penetration in Germany will exceed 60 per cent by 2012. Revenues from data services on mobile devices, excluding those from SMS and MMS, are expected to more than triple to Euro 5.7bn by 2012 from Euro 1.6bn in 2007. Data Services are the main driver for the mobile Internet. These are the results of a new report from the Berlin-based media consultancy GOLDMEDIA, MOBILE LIFE 2012. (

With a population of 82m, Germany is Europe's biggest telecommunications market. While the number of subscribers continues to grow, total mobile revenues are actually decreasing.

Voice telephony is still important, but data services will make a strong catch up. Goldmedia forecasts that such services will make up 20 per cent of mobile revenues across Western Europe by the end of 2008.

“Mobile video, mobile games, mobile music and mobile advertising alone will reach a market volume of around Euro 740m by 2012 in Germany”, says Klaus Goldhammer, managing director of Goldmedia. “In addition to mobile entertainment, mobile business services are playing an important role.”


A large proportion of mobile entertainment is financed through mobile advertising. Revenue from ads on mobile devices is expected to triple and reach almost Euro 300m by 2012, compared to the Euro 96.9m revenue forecast for 2008.

The Internet makes entertainment and information available at any time and any place. In terms of mobile Internet penetration, the US (15.6 per cent) and the UK (12.9 per cent) are the leading countries worldwide. At the moment, only 7.4 per cent of all mobile phone owners in Germany use mobile Internet (Nielsen 2008).


The report was supported by the German High-tech association BITKOM.

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