Market potential for integration of videos on online trading platforms

The growing number of internet users has provided the German eCommerce market with ongoing record sales. However, the online market faces real challenges. Since 2004, growth rates have stagnated at twelve per cent anually. The number of users is rising slowly, but the users' willingness to purchase online more often and at a higher volume has not increased since 2006.

There are several approaches to fully exploiting the potential of eCommerce. An important lever is the intensive integration of video content. Strategy advisor Goldmedia has analysed eCommerce TV and the opportunities and possibilities for use of video on online platforms (eCommerce TV) and has quantified possible growth potential for the first time. According to the prognosis from Goldmedia, the German eCommerce market can attain a turnover increase of more than five per cent by 2012 by using video content.


The results of the study:

  • In spite of record turnover, growth rates in German eCommerce have stagnated: new initiatives are necessary
  • A growing interest in online video and deepening broadband penetration mean that online videos are now taken for granted
  • Using video allows goods to be presented more dynamically and offers a positive purchasing experience – additional target groups can be reached.
  • Goldmedia Prognosis: Germany's turnover growth in eCommerce TV will be plus €1.5 bn in 2012


The study was supported by GmbH, Hamburg.


Author of the report

Mathias Birkel



50 pages, 40 tables/charts

The report is available in German and in English.