Digitalisation Breakthrough in TV Households

More than three-quarters of German households to be digital in 2012.

The digitalisation of TV households is gathering momentum in Germany: 77 per cent of TV households will be digitalised at primary reception by the end of 2012. This is the forecast Goldmedia published in its latest study “The Future of TV Transmission”, which analyses the development of broadcasting infrastructures in Germany.

Satellite is the driving force behind digitalisation. More and more analogue satellite TV channels are transmitted exclusively in digital format. The diminishing number of these satellite programmes makes them increasingly unattractive for customers. By 2012, 94 per cent of satellite reception will be digitalised.

Only 14 per cent of Germany's TV households were using digital cable by the end of 2006. By 2012, however, cable will have a more than 50 per cent degree of digitalisation and will consequently be the second most important digital infrastructure for television in Germany. According to Goldmedia estimates, the success of basic digital cable, in particular, will contribute to this development.


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