Digital out-of-home media bucks sluggish advertising market

After initial success in the UK, the Netherlands and Switzerland within the past few years, digital out-of-home media – advertising on public displays – is now gaining momentum in other Western European countries according to the latest report produced in collaboration by media analysts Screen Digest ( and Goldmedia (


The report ‘Digital Signage in Europe – The opportunities for digital out-of-home advertising’ examines the emerging market for digital out-of-home media in Western Europe – advertising on digital displays installed at various locations, e.g. airports, stations, trains, supermarkets and other public places.


Screen Digest forecast that digital out-of-home net advertising revenues in Western Europe will quadruple over the next five years from €158m in 2007 to a forecast of €626m by 2012. This equals a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 32 per cent.


Today advertising on digital screens already accounts for 3.1 per cent of the total out-of-the-home media expenditure in Western Europe. By 2012 this share is expected to grow to approximately 10 per cent. Driven by the growth in digital displays, out-of-home advertising revenues as a whole are expected to increase from over €5bn in 2007 to approximately €6.5bn in 2012. This growth will happen despite the sluggish advertising market in traditional media, including TV and the press.






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