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    Study on online radio - Web-Radio-Monitor 2012

    German online radio market consolidates, every sixth hit via mobile devices. Online radio services: great diversity, number stagnating. Online radio use: number of hits increased…

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    Goldmedia Trend Monitor 2012. Trends and outlook 2012

    Every year, strategy consultant Goldmedia publishes its analysts’ commentary on and assessments of important trends for the coming year in Germany. Trend Monitor 2012 provides the…

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    New study: Online TV gains ground through mobile use, hybrid TV, and social media

    According to the BLM “Web TV Monitor 2011”, there are currently 1,418 online-TV services in Germany, with 166 million daily video hits. Video access numbers have increased by about…

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    Survey for online TV - Web-TV-Monitor 2011 launched

    Results will be presented at the Munich Media Fair - Medientage München on October 19, 2011 Berlin, Munich, September 08, 2011. Interest in online videos and Internet TV is…

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    Mobile phones and social media give online radio a boost in Germany

    New report on online radio in Germany published by BLM and Goldmedia. There are currently 3,100 online radio stations in Germany, with 47% average annual growth since 2006.…

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    Online TV in Germany, Web TV Monitor 2010

    New report on online TV published by BLM and Goldmedia: “Web TV Monitor 2010”. Currently about 151 million videos are watched daily in Germany - figure will nearly triple to…

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    Survey launched for Web TV Monitor 2010

    BLM and Goldmedia develop comprehensive market report on internet TV. Data collection phase for Web TV Monitor 2010 just started. Study will be presented at the 2010 Munich Media…

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    Study on online radio in Germany

    New online radio report published by BLM and Goldmedia. 40 percent increase in online radio services in Germany compared to 2009. 4/5 broadcast exclusively online, 1/5 live streams…

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    German football fans resort to foreign-based sports betting services

    New published study by Berlin consultancy Goldmedia shows: The German state is losing control over the gambling market, The German gambling market is increasingly dominated by…

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    Film forecasting: test for success before production begins

    Film forecasting reduces risk and informs investment decisionsGOLDMEDIA’s film forecasting model calculates viewer numbers for German films before production beginsGOLDMEDIA film…

  • GOLDMEDIA Political & Staff Advising GmbH newly established

    New Consulting in media politics GOLDMEDIA and Clemens Appel have created a new consulting company for media politics and personnel development Clemens Appel, the former director…

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    Media trends 2010. Goldmedia analyses

    Berlin, January 12th 2010. The economic and advertisement crises left a deep impact on media and telecommunications markets in 2009, driving the search for new and lucrative…

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    Report Economic situation of German broadcast

    The reach of the recession has also extended to the German broadcasting industry. By the fourth quarter of 2008, the impact of the troubled economy on the industry’s figures was…

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    Number of online radios grows rapidly: currently about 2,000 in Germany

    Berlin, Munich, 23. July 2009. The number of German online radio stations has sharply risen in the past years. By April 2009, there were 1,914 online radios. By the end of 2009,…

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    New study: Cashing in on IPTV

    The market growth for Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is crucially dependent on the economic viability of business models. This is shown in “IPTV 2014.

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