Market report on zero-rating

The market study, commissioned by the Bavarian media authority (BLM), analyses the market development of zero-rating mobile data services.

Zero-rating refers to a specific mobile tariff system that allows customers to use particular applications and services without affecting their data allowances. The study draws a comparison between the market situation in the US and the status quo in the German mobile market and provides an evaluation of future market developments in Germany. From this, relevant aspects for media regulation are deduced.

Background of the study

Online content is increasingly accessed via mobile devices. This mobile internet use is no longer confined to home-based networks but more and more mobile networks are accessed. However, the overall worldwide mobile data traffic is currently still less than 1/10th of the data transmitted via landlines.

So far, network providers have been regulating mobile data traffic by way of restrictive data allowances in mobile plans. Varying amounts of data allowances are currently the main distinguishing feature between different mobile plans.

Content of the study
- Current situation of mobile internet use
- Zero-rating: market situation in Germany
- Zero-rating: market situation in the US
- Legal and regulatory framework and positions
- Market development and regulatory basis


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