Advice and support for a public wireless project

Goldmedia supported the state media authority of Berlin Brandenburg (mabb) with the rollout of a Berlin-wide public wireless network. The goal was to set up a free-to-access wireless network in Berlin. A public tender was organized, with suitable service providers invited to bid. After the pilot was completed and the initial investment principal was used up, the network was intended to operate commercially without further funding. Goldmedia was responsible for the following areas of this project:

  • Evaluation of the feasibility of various service-provider concepts. Choosing Kabel Deutschland as the technology partner
  • Coordination between mabb, Kabel Deutschland, public authorities and commercial service providers
  • Feasibility checks on the project plans of project partners
  • Prioritizing the network extension, redefining the WLAN locations using visitor stream analysis
  • Planning and budgeting marketing and communication activities
  • Moderating the monthly internal project reviews including preparation and set-up


Sebastian LehrSenior Consultant

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