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    New study reveals more than 180 location-based services in Germany

    New report: More than 180 location-based services in Germany. Social apps dominate the LBS market in Germany. German smartphone users have concerns about revealing their location

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    Betting and Gambling Market Germany 2017. Key Facts published

    Brand new version of this study out now 13-8-2013. The Goldmedia study "Betting and Gambling in Germany 2017" examines the market-related effects that result from the regulation…

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    The German games industry in international competition

    Market Report: Size and growth of the German games market

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    TV Shopping in Europe further growing. Study published

    Berlin, March 4, 2013. TV shopping channels in Europe have developed into modern multi-channel providers. The active providers in the core European markets of Germany, the UK,…

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    Social TV Charts 2012 in Germany

    German Social TV Charts 2012: RTL2 is top social TV broadcaster in Germany.  More and more viewers use social networks at the same time as watching TV, also called…

  • Trends and outlook 2013

    Berlin, December 13, 2012. The consulting firm Goldmedia (www.goldmedia.com) publishes annual analyst commentary and trend hypotheses for the coming year in Germany. The Trend…

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    New study: Online-TV market gains professionalism – increase of mobile usage

    Munich/Berlin, December 11, 2012. According to a new study on Internet TV, there are currently 1,424 online-TV services in Germany, with 194 million daily video hits. The number of…

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    Study: The Future of TV Shopping

    Key trends and market forecasts to 2017 in France, Germany, Italy and the UK TV shopping in Europe, based on the above-average affinity of TV shopping customers for new media, has…

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    Goldmedia founds new company in Munich

    Goldmedia Consulting GmbH founded in Munich. Consulting services expanded to the sports industry, film production, and TV production. New Managing Director and Goldmedia Partner is…

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    Study on online radio - Web-Radio-Monitor 2012

    German online radio market consolidates, every sixth hit via mobile devices. Online radio services: great diversity, number stagnating. Online radio use: number of hits increased…

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    TV Shopping in Europe. New study at Electronic Homeshopping Conference 2012

    At Electronic Homeshopping Conference 2012, 24. - 26. June 2012 in Berlin, and a Public Press Conference the Electronic Retailing Association (ERA) will present the highlights of a…

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    Study on the VFX/Animation Sector in Baden-Württemberg

    Situation analysis and outlook of various funding strategies in Baden-WürttembergThe focus of the funding activity of the MFG Filmförderung Baden-Württemberg lies on the animation…

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    Goldmedia Trend Monitor 2012. Trends and outlook 2012

    Every year, strategy consultant Goldmedia publishes its analysts’ commentary on and assessments of important trends for the coming year in Germany. Trend Monitor 2012 provides the…

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    New study: Online TV gains ground through mobile use, hybrid TV, and social media

    According to the BLM “Web TV Monitor 2011”, there are currently 1,418 online-TV services in Germany, with 166 million daily video hits. Video access numbers have increased by about…

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    Survey for online TV - Web-TV-Monitor 2011 launched

    Results will be presented at the Munich Media Fair - Medientage München on October 19, 2011 Berlin, Munich, September 08, 2011. Interest in online videos and Internet TV is…

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