Goldmedia helps clubs and organizations, sports media, marketers and producers, and sponsors and brands to find the right setup and tactics. Using a detailed situation analysis, we develop concepts and strategies to increase your organization’s growth.

We find the optimal organization structure along with the most suitable leaders, because economic and sporting success are intimately connected, with one triggering the other. We prepare you for this.

Digital Strategy

The changes in the usage of media can be felt directly in sport. Indeed, sport is often the driver of this transformation. What do the digital fragmentation of the media, platforms, and content mean for your business models and revenue performance? How can new forms of communication and interaction be built up and utilized effectively? How do you reach your fans and create extra added value? And which technologies and content support your digital strategy?

Over many projects, we have found personalized answers to these crucial questions for our clients. We combine our years of expertise from strategy consulting and the insider knowledge of our partners with current market data and the results of our own market research. From this, we create a well-founded analysis of the present situation from which we produce goal-oriented recommendations.

With the answers to these questions, Goldmedia delivers the conceptional basis for your business. We set up planning fundamentals and provide orientation. We make recommendations for strategic investments and their implementation, deliver arguments and facts for discussions and negotiations – whether internal or with partners – and we evaluate your rights and scope.

Elements of a digital strategy can be:

  • Fan Data Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Strategy for digital platforms and channels
  • Connected stadium and technolgies
  • Creation and use of sports and games data

Executive Search

For all players in the Sport Business Ecosystem, the current changes generate fundamentally new demands on leadership and management. Digital competence, technological affinity, and sustainable innovation are just some examples of the new skills and experience needed at the top of your organization. With this in mind, Goldmedia finds the best candidates for your needs, tests your leadership team and sets up suitable supervisory and advisory boards.

As an industry insider, Goldmedia is closely familiar with the mechanisms and developments in Sport Business. Our many uninterrupted years of work in consultation and market research give us a clear vision of your future requirements in the market and in competition with others. We know your business and can begin searching for the best candidates immediately, rapidly presenting you with tangible results. Our transparent procedures keep our client in the loop, completely informed through our comprehensive reports.

Alongside the leadership figurehead, it is vital to have a motivated and competent management team in place to effectively implement the vision and strategies, and to ensure the success of the business. We conduct a systematic and methodically sound evaluation so you can learn the strengths, ambitions and potentials of your most important coworkers. Goldmedia helps you to turn your staff into a strategic factor for success.

In a sector that is so deeply affected by current developments and sporting successes, effective oversight from a supervisory body is crucial for sustainable success. As well as this, the supervisory board, executive committee and advisory boards should ideally be sources of extra impetus, able to support management with additional expertise and complementary networks. We find the best people and optimize cooperation in these committees.

In the field of Executive Search we can support you:

  • Executive Search – Identification of experts and executives
  • Management Audit – Evaluation of executives and teams
  • Replacement of advisory board and supervisory board
  • Arrangements for the CEO

Media Rights and Sponsorships

Digital platforms, channels and providers have been leaders of the changes in the demand and evaluation of digital sports rights and licenses, as well as sponsorship. Digital technologies make it possible for new players to rapidly enter the market, offering innovative forms of activation. We help you to identify the meanings of these changes for your company, and how to take advantage of them.

Goldmedia uses tried and tested models and methods and so has all the know-how necessary to evaluate rights, licenses, and the value of sponsorships. In dialogue with our client, we take into account individual assumptions and strategic focus in order to develop tools for simulating a range of scenarios. If needed, we can also validate the relevant focuses – such as demand-related behavior, willingness to pay, and time budgets – with our own market research.

As an industry insider, we are in the position to mirror this evidence-based evaluation with an evaluation of relevant market participants. That's because the acquisition of rights and licenses reflects the expectations of those market participants.

Our services include:

  • Market valutaion of rights, licences and sponsorships
  • Support of negotiations
  • Development of business models and activation concepts
  • Consulting of tendering processes
  • Analysis of the supply-side and demand-side

Company and Club Management

Clubs and organizations are primarily measured by their success in sport. Behind that stands the daily balance between sporting requirements and economic necessities and investments. This tension means that the balance between the supervisory body and management, optimal company organization, sustainable development of the brand, rights, and licenses, and modern communication and interaction with all stakeholders is of tremendous importance.

With our partners’ years of professional experience and the knowledge of trends, the market, and the competition, Goldmedia is a competent business partner for management and supervisory boards. Working together with you, we create the foundation for high-performing structures, a balance between success in sport and business, and an effective means of oversight through the supervisory board.

For example, we support the following areas: Leadership and oversight, organizational structure and procedure analysis, sponsorship, and marketing.

  • Corporate management 
  • Organizational structures and process analysis
  • Sponsoring and marketing strategy
  • Communikations and marketing
  • Legal forms and investments

Market Research

With its internally developed market research institute, Goldmedia has at its disposal the full range of modern methods and instruments of market research. With this, we produce additional insights into usage and reach, set up the basis for strategies and concepts, and test communication, advertising measures, and products on behalf of our customers. Measuring the emotional effect of sport plays a crucial role in this.

We want to know, not just believe. That's why our in-house-developed market research has long been a vital component of our successful consultation work for our clients. We tailor our know-how to the rules of the sport and answer concrete questions such as how sport is watched and experienced, how fans get informed and interact, which preferences and needs they have, and what reach and willingness to pay exist.

Fan or follower, season-ticket holder or occasional viewer, statistics buff or social viewer – we bring light into the "Black Box" of fandom: For clubs and organizations, for sponsors and marketers, and for media and producers.

We regularly develop our own tools and procedures, such as our current use of neuromarketing to analyze the media and measure the effectiveness of advertising. We put special value on clear preparation of the results and deriving practical recommendations for action. This makes it possible to answer specific questions quickly and with focus. Our methods include:

  • Media- and brand research
  • Fan surveys
  • Usability analysis
  • Social Media Sports Index
  • Online- and panel research

Please inform about our deep expertise in the field of market research.