The digital transformation covers all areas of our everyday life. Markets and industries are in a fast-paced race of relevance and the search for successful strategies. Goldmedia specializes in consulting and research services for digital transformation and innovation and works across all industries. However, in the course of our long-term consulting activities, we have developed a special expertise in certain markets. These are the areas media, entertainment, telecommunications, politics & administration as well as sports business and trade.



In the world of media, the digital revolution can be seen and felt everywhere. However, there is often a lack of new ideas that actually pay off, leading to a lack of will to implement them successfully. Working closely with you, Goldmedia develops innovative and sustainable concepts. more


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Goldmedia supports the strategic planning of state, district and municipal authorities to further develop broadband internet infrastructures especially in rural areas. Our range of services includes supra-regional planning for states or districts as well as on site engineer planning for local network access. more


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The entertainment industry is constantly changing: on the one hand through technical and social developments, on the other hand, the preferences of the users change more and more quickly. Through regular market research and constant monitoring of the entertainment markets, we have the latest developments in mind. more

Political Advising

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Using the results of the analyses, Goldmedia will derive a detailed profile of your company's strengths and weaknesses as well as other factors critical to success. In addition, potential technological developments that could decisively disrupt or change the field of activity of your business will be analysed. Goldmedia will compile an effective and sustainable strategy that will increase your potential for future growth. more

Sports Business

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Goldmedia helps clubs and organizations, sports media, marketers and producers, and sponsors and brands to find the right setup and tactics. Using a detailed situation analysis, we develop concepts and strategies to increase your organization’s growth. We find the optimal organization structure along with the most suitable leaders, because economic and sporting success are intimately connected, with one triggering the other. more

Retail Business

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The retail sector has always been rife with competition. However, digitalisation is taking things to a new level: one and the same customer is now courted by e-commerce, traditional as well as multi-channel retailers at the same time. Goldmedia offers retailers support in this complex digital transformation. We advise you on the analysis of your competitive environment and help you to find the right strategy that fits your goals. more