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Competition Consulting

Goldmedia has longlasting experiences in competition law analyses.

For Telecommunication media and entertainment markets Goldmedia offers sophisticated economic analyses in competition law proceedings and expert testimonies in all antitrust matters.

In the context of monitoring restrictive agreements between undertakings, abuse of dominant positions and mergers a lot of economic questions arise that can only be answered by knowing the industry and the legal framework with all its implications. Goldmedia incorporates this interdisciplinary two tire approach, which means that our economic analyses are fully integrated in the legal appraisal.

We provide all relevant methodologies that are acknowledged by the regulatory bodies like national competition authorities, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CVRIA) and the EU-Commission.

We have experiences in providing competition analyses for the following proceedings:

  • Article 81 (3) EC Treaty (restrictive agreements between undertakings)
  • Article 82 EC Treaty (abuse of dominant positions)
  • Merger regulations (SLC test)
  • Cartel regulations
  • Staid Aid (e.g. Public Value Tests)
  • Other national anti-trust regulations
  • Media concentration regulation

For these assignments Goldmedia combines its competences in the field of market and consumer surveys using state of the art technology with econometric analyses and forecasts.

Our core competences include:

  • Analysis of vertical and horizontal agreements (e.G. coupling businesses)
  • Application of econometric Methods in Market Definition (e.g. SSNIP-Tests/Hypothetical Monopolist Test)
  • Analysis of dominant positions (e.g. rebate and cost prices analyses)
  • Equally efficient competitor tests
  • Analysis of average avoidable cost (AAC)
  • Analysis of long-run average incremental cost (LRAIC)
  • Analyses of cross-price elasticities or price correlations
  • Merger Simulation Models
  • Analysis of buying power
  • Welfare analyses


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