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Broadband planning

Planning, developing and marketing of broadband infrastructures.

Goldmedia supports the strategic planning of state, district and municipal authorities to further develop broadband internet infrastructures especially in rural areas. Our range of services includes supra-regional planning for states or districts as well as on site engineer planning for local network access.

From our long-time experience our services include:

  • Planning, developing and marketing broadband infrastructures
  • Cost management
  • Acquisition of subsidies
  • For on-site assignments Goldmedia also relies on additional support from other technical engineers to cross-check our findings and thereby guarantee the best possible solutions for our clients.
  • In addition to that we provide know how form international projects as well as a profound knowledge on best-practice solution in Germany and throughout Europe.

Goldmedia guarantees a technology neutral and independent advice. For our planning we consider all broadband technologies currently available and fully take into account the specific requirements of our clients. Besides DSL (landline) we exam the fit of alternative access technologies like CATV, WIFI, radio link systems, satellite, cellular radio (UMTS/HSDPA/ CIFDM/LTE) as well as a direct implementation of fiber-optic infrastructures (FTTx). Planning results often include a mix of several technologies, to ensure an optimal ratio of bit rate capacity and costs (CAPEX/OPEX). Often migration scenarios towards more sustainable infrastructures (NGA/NGN) are added to the planning of ad hoc measures.


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